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Surviving Adultery: How to Survive and Overcome Adultery April 21, 2009

Surviving Adultery

Surviving Adultery

Adultery is devastating to any marriage, regardless of the circumstances under which adultery might have occurred. Unfortunately, adultery is all too common is the cause of pain and anguish to many couples.

Though there is no excuse for adultery and the offended spouse is not to blame emotional distraction or unmet needs are major contributors to the temptation of having an affair

Upon reflection, if you discover that you have contributed to the problem, repent and keep that in mind as you consider your response to the situation and dealing with adultery is very complex, and it involves a lot of issues that you must address before determining your actions.

According to an adultery poll of over 500 women conducted by, over 64% of women would not forgive their partner if he had a sexual affair.  (more…)


Adultery: Why Men are Prone to Adultery

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Adultery Men

Adultery Men



Adultery is only a joke for those who are not devastated by it.  The assumption for thousands of years has been that men are more prone towards adultery due to their genes and their need to spread their seed for continued survival.  This may have been true at the beginning of time, but in our over-populated world, have we not evolved enough for our minds to control our behavior? Men may also be more prone to adultery because many men find it easier to separate sex from love than women do.  In addition, men may have more power and money so women may put up with adultery because they feel responsible to take care of the children and thus, feel trapped.

Main shifts in the power balance in marriage have altered adultery. (more…)


Adultery and Alcoholism: How Alcoholism Promotes Adultery

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Adultery and Alcoholism: How Alcoholism Promotes Adultery

Adultery and Alcoholism

Adultery and Alcoholism are the ostensible major causes of divorce.  The worldwide increase in divorce is impacting children, the financial status of women, the marriage rate, and the labor force as well. Adultery and Alcoholism go together like bread and butter. When an alcoholic drinks their mind becomes different in how it feels and thinks. The alcoholic mind blurs out personal ethics and values and only cares about feeding its pleasures and desires. It’s true; alcohol makes people selfish. After a heavy night of drinking, the alcoholic becomes sober and has to deal with the consequences of their addiction. It is hard to face yourself or your partner after a night of sexual promiscuity.  Alcoholics rarely take the time to use sexual protection and thus further, risk their health by exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases.  After a drinking binge, anxiety and guilt set in and the alcoholic needs to have another drink. It is the emotional part of the addiction and psychologically that is why they drink again.

Alcohol can be a deadly and dangerous substance for an alcoholic, who frequently exhibit an addictive personality. (more…)