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Celebrity Infidelity February 6, 2009

Not even celebrities are free of cheating and infidelity.
Not even celebrities are free of cheating and infidelity.

Christie Brinkley, supermodel, reportedly split from her husband of almost 10 years, Peter Cook in 2006 after he allegedly had an affair with his teenage personal assistant. It just goes to show you that even a supermodel can feel the pain of infidelity. Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke split after news of Ethan’s affair. President Bill Clinton cheated on his wife Hilary with Monica Lewinsky. Not even celebrities or the leader of our country are free of cheating and infidelity.
While they may be rich and famous, on the inside they are people just like the rest of us and the reasons they cheat are most like the reasons that ordinary people admit to cheating and infidelity. Here are some reasons for celebrity infidelity.

• Everyone else is doing it- oddly enough, many do it because they see other celebrities are doing it and it just seems like the norm
• They feel entitled- people in powerful positions often feel like they deserve it or they are entitled to whomever they want (even if it means they are with multiple people while married to someone else)
• Sex addiction is another common reason for celebrity infidelity- Halle Berry reportedly broke it off with Eric Benet due to his sex addiction which he later went into rehab for
• Something’s missing- Many people (including celebrities) cheat because they feel there is something missing in their relationship and they think another person may be able to provide that
• Curiosity or a need for change- Another reason for celebrity infidelity is a need or curiosity for a different types of sex
• The opportunity was there- quite often, things “just happen”. They’re in the moment and the opportunity is there and so they do it without really thinking of the consequences
• They fall in love with someone else- sometimes it happens that they really do fall in love with another
• They know they can get away with it- many people, celebrities included, will cheat when they know they will no get caught
Just like ordinary people, celebrities sometimes cheat because they enjoy the chase, they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they want to feel better about themselves or they are unable to say no or resist temptation. Cheating typically has little to nothing to do with anything the other partner did or didn’t do. The same is the true with celebrities. The rare exceptions are when a person cheats to get back at their partner for their own infidelity or for other problems in the relationship.
Many average women blame themselves for their partner’s infidelity. They may feel they are not pretty enough or sexy enough. The truth of the matter is a cheater is a cheater regardless of what their partner looks like. Some men will still cheat even if married to a supermodel.